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How to Register for the 15000 Ehsaas Program Scholarship

Register for the 15000 Ehsaas Program

Ehsaas Program Scholarship The Ministry of IT and Telecommunication in Pakistan has launched a major initiative to equip 15,000 aspiring Pakistanis with the skills and knowledge required to master new and specialized technologies. The government is partnering with certification experts under the IT industry capacity building in the Specialization Technologies and Platforms Programme.

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 To provide university training in modern fields like blockchain machine learning, artificial intelligence, cyber security, and many more. This ambitious endeavor aims not only to bridge the digital skills gap. Rather, Pakistan has to stand before the world as a center of innovation and technological development.

Empowering Youth and Females Through Specialized Training

Ehsaas Scholarship program aims to empower the country’s youth and women with this skill. They are in dire need of development in the rapidly developing technological landscape. According to the information obtained from Ehsaas Nadra Government PK, the training curriculum will cover various fields, including Digital Tones, Cloud Computing, E-Health, DPO, Agriculture, and other emerging fields.

By catering to these diverse fields, the program aims to develop a generation of tech-savvy individuals who can be important in advancing economic and technological growth.

Master Trainers and Industry Collaboration

The Ministry has prepared a strong framework to ensure the effectiveness of the Ehsaas program. Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB), industry, and educational institutions are taking crucial steps to identify the most necessary and required technologies for training. 

How to Register for the 15000 Ehsaas Program Scholarship

These measures include creating 300 master trainers with specialized expertise in blockchain, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing. These Master Trainers will continue to play an important role in developing HR development programs, curriculum development, and training delivery, ensuring that instruction is delivered in a relevant and practical manner.

How to Register for the 15000 Ehsaas Program Scholarship 2024?

A high-level steering committee comprising Pakistan Software Houses Association representatives and other stakeholders is ready to guide the program’s implementation. This committee will supervise the selection of training partners and trainers. It will also determine the training courses and their duration. The ministry is strongly committed to aligning program outcomes with certification requirements and the broader economy by engaging key players from various sectors.

  1. Production of 2300 master trainers in specialized technologies including blockchain, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, etc.
  1. Master Trainers will be important in supporting the industry by designing HR development programs, developing curricula, and providing training.

 Purpose of Steering Committee 

  • Representatives of the Ministry of IT and Telecom Pakistan Software Export Board Pakistan Software Houses Association and other relevant stakeholders will be included in the committee.
  • Formation of a high-level steering committee.
  • Responsibilities include selecting training partners, trainers, courses, and the duration of the committee.

Data-Driven Decision Making

The program’s approach will be based on thorough research and analysis. An industry survey will be conducted to assess the demand for skilled professionals in various sectors and technologies. This data will serve as the basis for developing requests for proposals.

How to Register for the 15000 Ehsaas Program Scholarship

This system will target firms with strong learning management systems capable of providing effective training. It will also offer online participation options so that the trained people can easily connect with the calculation.

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Investment and Future Prospects

2 lakh rupees have been allocated to the Ministry of IT and Telecommunication. 2,000 million out of a total estimated cost of Rs.1,000 million for the initial phase of the program, underlines and complements the government’s commitment to developing a skilled workforce to meet the challenges and opportunities of the digital age.

After successfully completing training, 2500 trainees will get internships in IT companies for three months. Along with this, a 2500 monthly stipend will also be given. This practical exposure will further enhance their skills and prepare them for real-world applications.

Ehsaas Program Scholarship New Update

The Ehsaas Scholarship Program was create by the Government of Pakistan. But now it has been temporarily closed. This time, you are not being provided any scholarship. But till now, there is no such program in which you are give an amount of 15,000. As per the new update from the government of Pakistan, you are informe that no program giving 15,000 is ongoing yet. But for some days, you can get a scholarship of 15,000 again.

New 2024 Latest Update Scholarship

Ehsaas is an organization approve by the Government of Pakistan for the program. A few days ago, you were getting an Ehsaas scholarship in this program. But this program has close for some days. You don’t need to worry; the program will resume for a few days. You will be able to get a sense of the program by registering yourself in this program easily.


A Transformational Leap Towards Technical Proficiency The initiation of IT industry capacity building in the Specialization Technologies and Platforms Program indicates Pakistan’s determined step towards technical expertise. By empowering 15,000 people with expertise in the emerging sector, the government not only wants to fill the existing skill gap.

Rather, the foundation of a bright tech-based future is also laid. Through collaborative efforts, strategic planning, and data-driven insights, the program is designe to empower individuals to foster innovation and position Pakistan as a strong player in the global technology arena.

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