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Ehsaas 2024 New Registration For One Window Programme

Ehsaas One Window Programme

One Window Programme: The Government of Pakistan introduced the Ehsaas program in 2019 to help the poor. Under this program, cash is provided as financial assistance to low-income groups. A new scheme has been introduced to ensure that no one in Pakistan is left behind. Known as the Ehsaas Window Program, the purpose of introducing this program is to ensure that no one in Pakistan is left behind.

This program is primarily designed to provide convenience and accessibility for beneficiary families to receive services and information from this program, health education scholarships, financial inclusion, and other programs to benefit from. It also provides access to information about all programs under this program

8171 One Window Program Web Portal

The government of Pakistan not only introduced a one-window program office for public services but also provided other facilities to beneficiary families, like 8171 access to check all information and services online. The government of Pakistan has created a one-window center so that you can get any kind of information about this program with details.

Apart from this, the Government of Pakistan has introduced a Windows web portal through which you can check your eligibility and payment online. If you face any problems, you can go to Up Center. This program also provides various products, including special subsidies on five basic household items: ghee, rice, sugar, flour, etc.

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Purpose Of Window Program

Listed below are some of the main purposes of the One Window Programme:

  • The main objective of the Window program is to provide access to social security in low-income communities
  • The main objective of this program is to establish an office base in urban and rural areas
  • So that they can get maximum benefit and access to cash
  • Also, the effectiveness of the management process is explored
  • It also facilitates the process of accountability and transparency
Ehsaas 2024 New Registration For One Window Programme

Simplifying Social Welfare Access 

Beneficiary families had to face many difficulties while getting help and had to visit the office repeatedly, which wasted a lot of their time. Most people in Pakistan earn their living through hard labor. But they were mostly roaming around the office, which prevented them from going to work. They faced many difficulties, which prevented most people from applying.

But now the government of Pakistan has made it easier for them and a window stop shop has been introduced, after the introduction of this shop many things have changed, people are getting much easier social security to access various programs. If you want to, One Windows Stop-Up is available to assist you. You can get all your services in one office.

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Introduce Digital App From This Program

A one-window digital app has been introduced to enable access to growth across technology. This app makes it easy for you to access all the services through your mobile phone. You can install this digital application on your mobile phone.


The objective of introducing the Ehsaas One Window Program is to save the beneficiary families from hardship As they have to visit many offices while getting registration and information, the Government of Pakistan has established One Window Center so that you can get all the facilities under one roof.

You don’t face any difficulties and can access all your document verification. Under this program, facilities are provided to those who are most in need of this program or financial assistance. It also helps reduce poverty.

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