Thu. Jun 20th, 2024
Government Launched Khud Mukhtar Program For Business 2024

Khud Mukhtar Program For Youth Loan

Khud Mukhtar Program Additional surf summers are being conducted to improve the economic and social inclusion of selected citizens in this program, which will also help build human capital in poverty alleviation households and improve everyone’s well-being. Productivity participation of selected youth will be enhanced through education, skill training, micro-finance, and transfer of funds, besides, early 55’s education can also be part of the best in EFE. Economic inclusion includes but is not limited to, promoting the economic inclusion of parents in poverty and disadvantaged youth through the provision of technical assistance equivalent to approximately $40 million in equipment and training. Labor Market Readiness Livelihood Support Grants, etc.

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or productive assets and intensive coaching aimed at improving their productivity to help eligible youth increase the resilience of parent households. And to provide them with a good job Social inclusion for education It is said that selected educational program initiatives equivalent to about 30 million USD will be strengthened through this. That now employment will come in Pakistan and unemployment will be eliminated so that the poor and deserving people can be well and provide them good job if you want or want to join this program. And if you want a good job from the government of Pakistan, you can get a loan.

What is Khud Mukhtar Program?

You will repay the loan when you have your business running. are And this is a very good step that you should take if you are facing any kind of problem in livelihood then you can join this program of the government of Pakistan and get a loan up to 72 thousand from the assembly.

If there is any kind of difficulty in getting a loan, then you will get all the information easily, and it is expected that this program will be spread to more people and they will be given a good amount. So that they can be independent and run their own business. This scheme has been launched to emphasize that promoting entrepreneurship is the priority of the Government of Pakistan and wants every youth of Pakistan to be an entrepreneur.

Government Launched Khud Mukhtar Program For Business 2024

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Salient Features of Autonomy

  • Economic independence opens the way to prosperity
  • Provision of decent and decent employment is the responsibility of the state and a fundamental right of every
  • individual. Lack of adequate sources of income not only creates psychological problems in the societies but is also a major
  • cause of increase in crime to a large extent. On the contrary, if people are provided with the facility of employment or personal business
  • according to their ability and capacity, then there is happiness and comfort in the families and as a result the entire society is on the path of economic prosperity.
  • Keeps going.
  • The purpose of the sovereign
  • The Government of Punjab has successfully launched an autonomous program under the Punjab Human Capital Investment Project on behalf of the
  • Punjab Social Protection Authority with the same commitment to economic prosperity. Through this program in 11 districts of Punjab, Bahawalpur,
  • Muzaffargarh, Bhakkar, Dera Ghazi Khan, Mianwali, Rahim Yar Khan, Rajanpur, Khushab, Leh, Bahawalnagar and Lodhran, selected households
  • receiving financial assistance from Benazir Income Support Program. Those married
  • couples aged 18 to 29 years who have at least one child under 5 years of age are being benefited. For
  • the economic development of these households, business training is being provided with
  • financial assets of Rs 72,000, so that they can be lifted out of poverty and on the path to prosperity.
  • All such families can improve their standard of living.
  • Eligibility of BISP households is verified by locals. Nomination of the individual
  • for personal employment will be done by the housewife.
  • Conducting training sessions for business running and management to make the business profitable with better planning.
  • Asset
  • investment planning is done at the household level with the support of the social organizer.
  • The procurement process is completed under the supervision and consultation of a committee consisting of local people.
  • The autonomous program has technical support in the operational field from IRM and NRSP.
  • It is ensured in all cases that the financial assistance provided is used only for the relevant personal employment.
  • Households entitled to support for self-employment are identified through the National Susivakna Muk Registry (NSER).
  • Under the program, door-to-door registration is being done at the tehsil level.
  • Under the philosophy of “Give, Give, Burn”, the recipient’s success in their personal business leads to more hard work.
  • Availability of employment for youth is an important objective of this program.

Some suggested businesses

  • Industrial Home
  • Car painter
  • Hairdresser
  • . Mobile Repairing Shop
  • A samosa pakoda shop
  • Pickle jam work
  • Grocery store
  • Loader rickshaw
  • Bangles shop
  • Engravings on vessels
  • Livestock rearing
  • Tea and a half
  • Fruit and vegetable shop
  • Richard Ways & Sekhri Shop
  • Electrician and UPS Service Center
  • Welding shop
  • Ironing work, motorcycle, car mechanic
  • Financial assistance recipients can also suggest personal employment of their choice

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