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BISP 8171 New Year Payment System 2024 

Benazir Income Support Program is a basic reliable effective action program. This program aims to reduce the poverty score in Pakistan. And those people who are poor or deserving. They have to give financial assistance. In Pakistan, those people who are from low-income families have to give financial assistance. 

So that they can meet their household expenses, poor and needy people can join this program. Those who are low-income or whose poverty score is less than 40 percent will be eligible for this program and will receive financial assistance.

BISP New Update Monthly Payment 

This is the new update on the aid amount according to the new payment system of the BISP program by the government of Pakistan. Those persons still have not received their aid money in the BISP program. They will start receiving a lot of assistance from the BISP program.

They can collect their aid money as soon as possible by visiting a BISP program office in their local area if they feel any problem getting money. So you can go to the tehsil office of any BISP program in your local area and get an immediate solution to all your problems. You can get your aid amount from there as soon as possible by submitting your application.

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BISP New Payment System

A new system has been created to disburse aid in the BISP program. BISP’s new payment has faced many challenges since its inception. Therefore, the program administration has made this decision. To overcome these challenges, a new payment system should be created in the BISP program.

Together with the Minister of Poverty Alleviation and Social Security, people are expected to reduce the role of the middleman and increase the intercession of the whole process so that people can benefit greatly from this program. Eventually, it will be ensured that the payment reaches directly to the beneficiaries.

New Features of the BISP Payment System

The Benazir Income Support Program Board has approved the implementation a new payment model for beneficiaries. The new model involves opening a bank account for the beneficiary. This decision has also been taken during the 58th board meeting of the BISP program. Dr Amjad Saqib chaired a meeting on poverty alleviation and social security in Karachi.

All these features will be found in the new system. The number one stipend, BISP Bold, has approved a 25 percent increase in the stipend for gifted students. As a result, the audience stipend has been increased from 7 thousand to 8750 rupees. Appropriate targeting of users has been done. The BISP program will identify eligible beneficiaries using a combination of historical criteria to ensure that the aid has reached the people or not.

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There is also a bank account. The BISP program instructs the beneficiary to open a bank account in their name so that the payment can be transferred directly to their bank account through a pilot project to pay middlemen in four districts of Pakistan. It is being piloted after successfully implementing a preferred method of receiving assistance money.

In the BISP program for the beneficiaries across the country. You can easily get the aid amount in your bank account. There is also an internship program. An internship program has also been approved for this BISP program. It will allow junior graduates who want to work with the BISP program. and will gain experience, which will help them to start their professional career.


BISP is a program according to the new update by the government of Pakistan, there is a new method of payment in this program, in which you will be able to receive your aid money in your bank account as soon as possible. In this program, Dr Amjad Saqib chaired himself was sitting at the time. when the meeting was held he made it clear that graduate officers would be removed and high graduate officers would be made administrators in this program so that all the beneficiaries could get their aid money as soon as possible.

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