Thu. Jun 20th, 2024
Re-issuance Of Health Card By CM Punjab Maryam Nawaz

Health Card By CM Punjab

Health Card Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz Sharif has decided to restart the health card across Punjab. Earlier, the caretaker government had closed the health card, so the government of Punjab said that now, again, working on the mission of the health card to provide free health facilities to deserving poor families, the health card will be re-opened. It has been started across Punjab.

Now, your Sehat card will provide you with free health facilities up to 10 lakh rupees in any hospital across Punjab. CM Punjab Maryam Nawaz says that cardiac surgery and other major surgeries will also done through your Sehat card. Therefore, on the order of the Chief Minister, it has been decided that the health card in Punjab should restart as soon as possible.

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The Punjab government has set up a committee on this and is making agreements with various institutions and insurance companies to relaunch the Sehat card. Apart from this, the government of Punjab has decided to allocate a certain amount to Punjab’s health card budget. If you want to get a health card, register your health card as soon as possible, only after that can you get free health facilities.

8500 Health Card Registration Code

Punjab has directed that only deserving and poor families should be provided with free health facilities through the Sehat card at this time. Data has been obtained from the BISP program to identify deserving poor families. On behalf of the Punjab government, people have screened again. Those who want a health card can register through the government’s code 8500.

With an 8500 SMS registration code, you can easily get a Sehat card. And get free healthcare facilities from any government hospital. For this, you must write the 13-digit registered national identity card number in the SMS box on your mobile phone and send it to 8500. Your application will receive by the Ministry of Health and Welfare after which it will checked. If you are find eligible in this verification, you will provided a Sehat card by the Government of Pakistan. And you will able to get health facilities free of charge.

Re-issuance Of Health Card By CM Punjab Maryam Nawaz

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Eligibility Criteria To Get Free Health Facility

This time, the Punjab government will provide health cards only to deserving poor families. For this, the government has set a very strict and highly advanced examination system and eligibility criteria. If you meet this eligibility criterion, your verification will easy, and you will issued a health card. The eligibility criteria for obtaining Sehat cards are provided below.

  • To get a healthy card, you must be living in extreme poverty and underprivileged and have no good source of employment.
  • Your monthly income should be barely 30 thousand rupees.
  • The number of people in your household should be more than six or seven.
  • None of the members of the family do government jobs.
  • You do not have housing and are living in a rented house.
  • You do not have any health insurance.
  • You have not taken any insurance policy.

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Sehat Card By CM Punjab

CM Punjab has announced that in the first phase, the Sehat card was implemented in some districts of Punjab. Within three months, the Sehat card will be started in the whole of Punjab. With this, you can get treatment for major diseases for free. Poor families have a golden opportunity to get their registration in Sehat card programs as early as possible and get free Sehat facilities for life.

According to CM Maryam Nawaz’s instructions, 50 billion rupees will allocated in the 2024 budget. To provide treatment facilities to all poor and deserving families across Punjab. From this budget, free Sehat facilities will provided to all the people of Punjab through the Sehat card, and they will be led toward a better life.

Final Words

This article aims to inform the public about the Sehat card issued by Maryam Nawaz, which is running all over Punjab, and the Sehat card has been restored once again. Through this, free treatment has become possible, now you can get treatment for millions, not millions, without any problem, after which your treatment research starts. You don’t have to do anything to get your treatment. Rather, take your ID card and you will be provided with complete details about your treatment.

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